Tourism Community of Valencia
Reviews in Verse
Turning more than 200.400 reviews into 1 poem.
This is the main commercial for the campaign:

Cannes Young Lions Spain PR 2022: Gold Award
What if we could use crypto transactions to speak up on Twitter?

City of Art and Sciences
A place to discover
What's the use of having all the answers, if one is not able to ask new questions?
I am the most advanced intelligence in the universe.

I know the 7000 languages ​​that exist in the world,
the laws of physics,
millions of facts about global warming,
all the details of history,
and the name of the 17,000 species that live in the Mediterranean.

Yes. Technically I can answer anything.

But what's the use of having all the answers,
if one is not able to ask new questions?
Our future depends on the questions we ask today.
Be curious.

Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències
A place to discover.

Amstel Radler
Here's to the Motivated ones
When life gives you lemons,
make them count.
We put up a giant billboard made of lemons in the center of Madrid
and encourage people to count them in order to win free beer.
Only a true motivated one would do it.
We got over 6000 responses and 5 of them where right.

Kanzi apples
Sex, apples and rock&roll
Getting people high on apples.

Kanzi apples
Real power-ups
What if we could change the unhealthy way gamers eat?

Val Venosta apples
Aprons from paradise
Eating apples is good for us.
Wearing them is good for the planet.

Destinations for your resolutions
Every New Year's Resolution has a destination.
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